XII International Scientific-Technical Conference "Dynamics of Technical Systems" - "DTS-2015" was held from September 16 to December 17, 2015 based on the Don State Technical University (DSTU) and supported by the Russian Foundation for Scientific Research (RFBR) and the Association of Graduates of DSTU.

The plenary session and five breakout sessions were held during the conference in the scientific fields:

  • Fundamentals of mechanics, dynamics and tribology of machines;

  • Non-linear Dynamics and Applied Synergetics in technical systems.

  • Issues of mechanics of heterogeneous and composite materials;

  • Dynamics of technological systems, objects and processes of machine-building production;

  • Non-linear methods in system analysis, managing and processing of information.


241 author with 139 reports participated in the conference with face-to-face and virtual participation. They represented 18 educational, scientific and industrial organizations from 10 countries.

More than 30 reports were prepared in the performance of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research grants.


At the conference has been held:

  • seminar, which is aimed at the explanation of the provisions on the preparation of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant applications and reports (lecturer - Voronov A.S.), which was attended by over 100 people from 6 universities of Rostov region;

  • public lecture in English, lecturer - Zaynalabedin Nawab, professor at Tehran University, a leading expert in the development and testing of algorithms and software for the FPGA. This lecture was attended by over 80 professionals, students and young researchers.


This conference allowed to organize an effective and keen exchange of experiences between representatives of different schools of thought and different generations of researchers.