Russian Engineering Research - Volume 38, Issue 9, September 2018The 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Dynamics of technical systems" DTS-2017, held with the support of the Oktyabrskiy local branch of the SouzMash of Russia and the Association of the Graduates of DSTU, took place at the Don State Technical University from 13 to 15 September.More than 200 participants from eleven different countries took part in the conference: Armenia, Belarus, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Serbia, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Great Britain. The event was attended by both well-known scientists and students, graduate students and young researchers.


The program of the conference included work on five sections:

  • Fundamentals of mechanics, dynamics and tribology of machines

  • Non-linear Dynamics and Applied Synergetics in technical systems

  • Issues of mechanics of heterogeneous and composite materials

  • Fundamental methods of system analysis, modeling and optimization of dynamic systems

  • Cognitive methods of heterogeneous data analysis


The rector of DSTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Besarion Chohovich Meskhi opened the conference. Within the framework of the plenary session, in addition to five plenary reports on promising directions for the development of technical systems, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between DSTU and the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Chachak University of Kragujevac (Cacak, Serbia).


The sectional sessions were supplemented by the II International School-Seminar "Cognitive methods of heterogeneous data analysis" and lectures by leading foreign scientists:

  • lecture: «Fault tolerant control system»,

lecturer: Tooraj Abbasian Najafabadi – PhD., Head of Laboratory of Mechatronics and Advanced Instrument Making, University of Tehran (Iran)

  • lecture: «A New Approach in Engineering Education and Knowledge Programming»,

lecturer: Vladimir Mladenovic – Faculty of Technical Sciences of Chachak, University of Kragujevac (Cacak, Serbia).

  • lecture: «Robust Generalized Low-Rank Decomposition of Multi-matrices for Image Recovery»,

lecturer: Yi-Gang Cen – Professor, Institute of Information Science, Beijing Jiaotong University (China)


In general, according to the results of the conference, the participants noted the high productivity and efficiency of the exchange of the latest achievements in the field of the dynamics of technical systems. Special attention was paid to high activity and interest to the conference on the part of students - bachelors, undergraduates and post-graduate students. The organizing committee of the conference and the university management received gratitude from the participants and suggestions to hold this conference annually in the future. Scientific Secretary of the Conference Ph.D. Assoc. A.D. Lukyanov.

The materials of the conference are published or accepted for publication in the following collections:

  1. MATEC Web of Conferences. – EDP Sciences, 2017. – V. 132.

  2. Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering. – 2017. – V. 14. – №. 3.

  3. STIN - STanki Instrument

  4. Russian Engineering Research - Volume 38, Issue 9, September 2018

  5. Proceedings DTS-2017