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About Conference

XVII International scientific-technical conference "Dynamics of technical systems" (DTS-2021) is a traditional scientific conference. It brings together scientists and experts of technical universities engaged in the development of fundamental and applied aspects of the engineering sciences. The conference was holding every 2 years in one of the leading universities of the country until 2008, among which were: Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Tula State University, Don State Technical University, and others.

The Conference will aim to exchange experience and identifying the state-of-art scientific developments in the study of technical and technological systems, covering the fundamentals of mechanics, dynamics and tribology, and also problems of non-linear dynamics and synergy in the technical systems, the problems of mechanics of heterogeneous and composite materials, as well as the fundamentals of system analysis, mathematical modelling and information processing.

The main direction of the Conference is to further integrate the efforts of scientists, engineers and designers to create, implement, and industrial applications of recent advances in science and high technologies at the enterprises of various branches of mechanical engineering, including MIC enterprises and other industries.

Important dates:

Date of the "DTS-2021": September 09-11, 2021

The conference is organized in the form of five sections, each of which addresses the fundamental issues of the development of engineering knowledge in the relevant area.

  • Due to the difficult epidemiological situation associated with COVID-19, the conference will be held online using ZOOM technology.

Sections of the conference:

  1. Fundamentals of mechanics, dynamics and tribology of machines

  2. Non-linear Dynamics and Applied Synergetics in technical systems

  3. Issues of creation and mechanics of heterogeneous and composite materials

  4. Fundamental methods of system analysis, modeling and optimization of dynamic systems

  5. Cognitive methods for analyzing heterogeneous data (collection, processing of digital signals in the presence of interference, including intelligent analysis systems)

Registration fee:

  • 100 EUR for overseas representatives (publication in English: Scopus / Web of Science);

  • 10 000 RUB for Russian authors, including members of the faculty of the DSTU (publication in English: Scopus / Web of Science);

  • 1500 RUB at least one author is a member of the faculty (publication in Russian, publication in the DTS proceedings: RISC)

Publication of conference proceedings planned in the journal AIP Conference Proceedings, indexed by international databases Scopus and WoS.